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The landmine shoulder circuit can reduce pressure on your joints, enhance mobility, and boost strength gains.

The deltoid muscle is small and consists of three sections – front (anterior), side (lateral), and rear (posterior). To avoid injury or imbalances you must train all three parts from various angles. This unilateral landmine circuit covers both of those issues.

Draft Dreams Become Reality

Ignition Athletics Performance Group announced today that 5 of its athletes were selected in the 2018 NFL draft and 10 others signed as free agents to NFL teams. This year’s draft was the 11th year that Ignition has been preparing prospects to succeed in professional football. Ignition’s athletes received personalized attention in the following areas: elite performance training; scientific breakdown of NFL Combine drills; sports nutrition counseling and supplementation; interview skills; video analysis; sports psychology; and mentorship from NFL coaches and players.

Question & Answers, with Muscle & Fitness

Question: I want to build strength. Is running before my workouts a bad idea?

Answer: I suggest running after you train. While five to ten minutes of low intensity running is a decent warm-up, cardio sessions that last longer than five minutes pre-workout can lead to muscular fatigue and use up energy stored that could play a huge role in helping your push more weight and attain new PRs.

Golden Expectations for Ignition APG

Former Ignition APG Coach Dustin Woods highlighted in CNN for his outstanding work serving as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Team China’s short track speed skaters. Over the past few years Ignition has been able to service Team China through a variety of coaches. Prior to Wood’s full-time position Ignition Coaches Aaron French and Jake Learman spent time supporting and training Team China’s short track speed skaters.

Ministry in Action

Mind, Body, Spirit. These are the three key components of athletic development at Ignition APG. In preparation for the NFL Combine, which begins March 2, Ignition has been training its athletes physically and mentally. And at the conclusion of training on February 1st, the athletes experienced a special event to ignite them spiritually.